Thank you for your interest in the Washington Officials Association scholarship program.  The WOA Scholarship was established to provide an opportunity for either children of certified WOA members or certified officials who are graduating seniors to seek higher secondary education through the attendance at a university, college, community college or trade school.  One or more scholarships of $1000 minimum will be awarded annually based on submissions received.

Selection Criteria
 First Name
 Last Name
  Mailing Address
    Zip Code
    Phone Number
    Email Address
  High School Currently Attending

  Parent/Guardian Name
    Parent/Guardian Phone Number
    Parent/Guardian email address
  Sport/Local WOA Association parent/guardian member of
  Person who will serve as point of contact and position at school 
    Contact Phone Number
    Contact email address

Sign-off (required)
  I certify that all the statements made in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my application may be submitted to the school counselor or Principal for verification of the information contained herein.
    What was your official cumulative grade point average at the end of your junior year?

(Maximum two decimal places)
  Please list academic awards for which you have been recognized since grade 9
    Total number of AP/Honors classes completed or enrolled
  Please list the interscholastic sports/activities which you have participated in grades 9-12
(Separate each sport/activity with a comma)
    Total Number of varsity letters earned
  Athletic/activity awards for which you have been recognized since grade 9

(Separate each award with a comma)
  List all leadership positions that you have held since grade 9
(Separate each position with a comma)
  List all school and non-school organizations with which you have been involved since grade 9
(Separate each organization with a comma)
  List any special awards or recognition for community service work since grade 9

(Separate each award with a comma)
  In 400 words or less, describe the lessons you have learned from watching your parent/guardian perform their responsibilities as an official or from officiating yourself and how that may have made you a better student, citizen and person. Be specific as to incidents or experiences you have had and how they affected your views or ideas.
Please provide the names and email addresses of three references as listed below:
  School professional name
    School professional email address
  Community person name
    Community person email address
  Certified Sports Official name
    Certfied Sports Official email address ;
Thank you for your submission