Washington Officials Association Online Rules Clinic/Test/Conduct Report

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Track & Field Officials: Use the username and password you were provided in your instruction letter.  The following instructions do not apply to you.

Hint: Your username is your first initial, last initial and the last four digits of your social security number.  

Example:  John Doe has a SSN# ending in 1234.  His username is jd1234

Your password is your birthdate in mmddyy format, with no slashes.  If the day of the month is the 1st through 9th you must add a leading zero (not necessary for the month).

Example 1: John Doe's birthday is February 27, 1961. His password is 22761.
Example 2: John Doe's birthday is March 4, 1984.  His password is 30484.
Example 3: John Doe's birthday is October 9, 1965.  His password is 100965.

If you receive an error message it is possible that your assignor has not registered your social security number with WOA.