Frequently Asked Questions about Officiating

Q: What is the difference between a registered and certified official?
A: Any official registered with WOA through a WOA member Association or Board and who passes a WSP Background Check is a registered official. A registered official who passes the NFHS Rules Test, and takes the online rules clinic becomes a certified official.

Q: How are allocations (the number of officials from each Association/Board assigned to state tournaments) determined?
A: The number of officials an association or board provides to the state tournaments is determined by the number of certified officials and schools serviced. The number of officials is proportional to the average proportion of certified officials and schools serviced by the organization.

Q: How are the WOA Executive Board members selected?
A: Each WOA region elects its own representative - one for boards, one for associations. Term of service is three years, which means that two of the six regions hold elections each year. Nominees are submitted no less than 30 days prior to the election date, which is held at the annual WOA Conference. Only representatives of the region for which the election is being held are allowed to vote for that region's board members.

Q: How and when should an ejection report be submitted?
A: An ejection report needs to be submitted online at this link within 48 hours after any regular WIAA contest (i.e. in-season or post-season). This includes non-varsity as well as middle school. Reports should include all requested pieces of information as well as detailed information on the nature of the situation.

Q: Where do the WOA dues go?
A: The largest portion of WOA dues goes toward the cost of publications (rules books, case books, manuals, etc.) and insurance. The remainder goes toward administration, which supports such activities as the assignment of state tournaments, implementation of policy, and advocacy of officials for schools and other applicable agencies.

Q: What WOA camps are available and how does an official get registered for one?
A: WOA sanctioned officiating camps are held every summer for the preparation of officials in football and volleyball for state-level mechanics and enforcement. Officials may register through their respective association or board and should contact their local assignor for more information.

Q: What happens if I get hurt while officiating a WOA contest?
A: Officials who are injured at, on their way to or on their way from a WOA assigned contest are covered under State Labor & Industries insurance. For more information go to this page.

Q: What insurance coverage do I have while working a summer, out-of-season or non-WIAA event?
A: Liability Insurance - If the contest was assigned by the local association/board assignor or designee you are covered under the WOA General Liability Insurance policy.

L & I - L & I coverage is only in affect for those associations/boars that have purchased additional coverage from the WIAA or other L & I carrier. The game must be assigned by the local association/board assignor or designee.

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