Insurance programs - Labor & Industries

All registered officials are covered for injuries occurring during a WIAA member High School, Junior High or Middle School contest through the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. If an Association or Board elects to do so and pays the appropriate fee, coverage can be extended to recreational sports.

What to do if you are injured at a covered event (follow these steps in order):

  1. It is MANDATORY that you notify Bryson Bickler (email Bryson here) at the WIAA Office (425) 988-6159 of your injury as soon as possible. The employer of record - WIAA- must be notified or the claim will be denied.
  2. The doctor's office will furnish you with a Labor & Industries Claim Form which you need to fill out.  WIAA IS NOT SELF-INSURED - coverage is under State Labor & Industries.
  3. The employer is:
    Washington Interscholastic Activities Association
    435 Main Avenue South
    Renton, WA  98055-2711
    (425) 687-8585
  4. The WIAA account number is #323165-00.
  5. Labor & Industries will pay medical bills and time loss if applicable.  There is a three day waiting period for time-loss.

Through membership in WOA each official is covered by a General Liability policy through American Specialty Insurance Services. This is an occurrence policy, which means that a covered claim must be reported during the coverage period. General Liability coverage will extend to non-WIAA member school contests, as long as the contest is assigned by the WOA association/board designee.

General Liability

The General Liability policy will provide $1 million per occurrence for all activities within recognized sports in Washington. An aggregate of $1 million will apply per official. Participant Legal Liability is included within the limits of coverage.

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